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Geomar is specialized in specific body treatments, it uses active cosmetic ingredients and natural elements precious for the care and beauty of the skin.


In the body line Geomar uses the unique resources of the Dead Sea, a mine of health and beauty thanks to the combination of over 25 types of minerals and trace elements contained in its waters.
The seaweeds are one of the distinctive elements of Geomar products, they are rich in trace elements, vitamins , amino acids and they play a role in the mineralization which restores elasticity to the skin and reduces the appearance of fat tissues. Geomar is a leader in the anti-cellulite treatments and specific products for the body.


Geomar offers a wide range of products for hair removal, hair removal strips and professional products such as waxes roller and wax heater.
It remains true to itself offering products whose primary ingredient is the natural extract moisturizing and emollient of Fucus seaweed.


Geomar is always sensitive to the naturalness of its products, it uses the 95% of naturally sourced ingredients in the new face line. Ingredients are obtained in part from organic farming as Altea Flower and the Hibiscus flower, for a gentle but effective action. Inspired by the philosophy of Free From, Geomar face products are without paraben, silicones, dyes and mineral oils and their perfume does not contain allergens.


Also in the new line Sun care Geomar remains true to its philosophy oriented to the nature. All sun care products, do not contain Parabens, they have been formulated with Natural extract of Brown seaweed, for a protective and effective action.

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