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Exfoliating, Illuminating Face Mask with Corraline Alga and Organic Iris Flower

The GEOMAR Exfoliating Face Mask is a specific treatment that moisturizes and gently eliminates dead cells and impurities from the skin of the face, encouraging cell renewal, in just 5 minutes.
It contains Coralline Alga, a micro powder that performs a delicate and natural exfoliating action, and Organic Iris Flower, with moisturizing properties and Lightoceane®, marine seaweed with an illuminant action.

Its creamy, lightweight texture with exfoliant particles is  very pleasant to use and it is suitable for dull and opaque skin.


Parabens FREE Silicones FREE Colorants FREE Mineral Oils FREE Fragrance allergens FREE

For a complete treatment use the whole line GEOMAR FACE CARE.
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Clinical tests proved that the mask has an immediate moisturizing activity**. The skin finds brightness, smoothness and it’s perfectly hydrated.

** Instrumental-Clinical test be carried out on 20 volunteers. Increase the skin hydration after 5  minutes of use. .

Spread a plentiful and uniform layer with circular massages on your clean face and neck, avoiding eye and lip contour. Leave it on for 5 minutes. Gently remove with generous warm water with circular movements . Use once or twice a week. Do not use on sensitive skin.

Cosmetic product with no therapeutic purposes. DERMATOLOGICALLY TESTED.

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