Body Treatment Geomar

The complete line of Geomar Body Treatments for a longer soft skin: Intensive exfoliation thalasso scrub, Warming thalasso scrub, Refreshing thalasso scrub, Emollient thalasso scrub, Illuminant thalasso scrub, Thalasso scrub new skin effect, Thalasso scrub new skin effect single dose, Remodeling thalasso scrub, Super nourishing body butter, Nourishing body fluid cream, Firming treatment to rinse, 100% Almond natural oil.
 Draining Sugar Scrub Intensive Exfoliation Thalasso Scrub Warming Thalasso Scrub Refreshing Thalasso Scrub Thalasso Scrub Emollient Illuminant Thalasso Scrub Thalasso Scrub Thalasso Scrub Single-Dose Remodeling Thalasso Scrub Remodeling Thalasso Srub Single-Dose Remodeling Spray Belly and Hips Nourishing Body Fluid Firming Treatment to Rinse Geomar Natural Oil Almonds and Rice